Previous Teaching

at Harvard

Math 232b: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry II, Spring 2018.
Math 121: Linear Algebra and Applications, Fall 2017.
Math 232a: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry I, Fall 2017.
Math 112: Introductory Real Analysis, Spring 2017.
Math 222: Lie Groups, Spring 2017.
Math 114: Analysis II: Measure, Integration, and Banach spaces, Fall 2016. [Lecture notes]
Math 21b: Linear Agebra and Differential Equations (sectioned), Spring 2016.
Math 118r: Dynamical Systems, Spring 2016.
Math 256: Dynamics, Stability, and Noncommutative Algebra, Fall 2015. [Lecture notes]

at the University of Vienna

Co-organizer for study group Categorical multiplier ideal sheaves, course no. 250113, Winter term 2014.
Co-lecturer for Complexity and categories, course no. 250055, Summer term 2014.
Co-organized seminar Complexity and categories, course no. 250060, Summer term 2014.